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Steps to Replace Your Lost Diploma

A secondary school diploma is a report that is granted to individuals after they effectively complete a full secondary school course. This diploma is a very important document as it is almost always the minimum requirement for most jobs. It is also required whenever someone is applying for a higher degree. Getting far in your career without a high school diploma is fairly impossible as they are even required for promotions. Not having your diploma, or even losing it is therefore an unfathomable occurrence to most of us. Most of us do not know where to begin after our diplomas get lost, and we begin to panic. However, there is no need to panic as this diploma can be replaced with a duplicate. There are several places where one could get a duplicate diploma, and they are easily accessible.

After settling on which company that will help with this important procedure, there are a few things that will be expected of you so the procedure can start. You will be required to give them copies of your high school transcripts. These transcripts are proof that you went to school and that you graduated. If you can access all your original transcripts, that is good because all you need to do now is make copies of them. The individuals who can’t discover their transcripts for whichever reasons, be it that they lost them or left them someplace, have the choice of getting them and these are conveyed genuinely quick. After getting all the copies and putting them together, you now have to compose a requisition letter to give to the concerned authorities. One additionally has the alternative of filling out a form for the demand. The letter is supposed to have all the details about you like all of your names, the day you were born, the day that you finished your diploma and not forgetting your signature. This is to confirm that you are indeed the person requesting for a duplicate and that it is not a fraudster posing as you. You should not forget to put your address there so the diploma can be delivered to you after processing.

A fee is charged for the whole process, and you should be able to pay it to get your certificate. Include the proof of payment with your letter to the relevant department. After they will receive your letter, they will verify your transcripts and you will get a response about whether your request has been approved or not. If not, you could try again or use some other means. If it has been approved, a duplicate diploma will be delivered to your address. This process takes a really short while.

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