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How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System

The amount of time weed stays on your body depends on your rate of metabolism and the frequency of intake. Weed will continue accumulating in your system the more you smoke, meaning that heavy users will have weed in their body longer than one-off smokers. A major contributing factor to the time weed takes in an individual’s body is the rate of metabolism. The kind of test you take will also give different results on the duration weed stays in your system.

One way of determining the amount of cannabis in the body is by doing a urine test. One of the reasons for its common use is that it is very cheap. However, instead of testing for THC itself, a urine test involves looking for THC-COOH, which is a THC metabolite. The presence of this chemical shows that the body has processed THC. Although urine tests are cheaper, they usually have a long detection period.

The amount of THC present in your system depends with the manner in which you consume cannabis. Since THC is stored in the body fat, it will take some time to accumulate in your system. The longer you smoke, eat, and vape the herb, the longer it will stay in the body and be detectable by the urine test. A single use of cannabis will stay up to 8 days in the body, frequent use will take 15 days, regular use 30 days, while heavy use will cause it to be detectable for anything between 45 and 77 days.

THC can also be detected through a saliva test. However, it doesn’t last in the saliva for a very long time. When the police are looking for drugged drivers, they normally do a saliva test at road checks. In the saliva, THC metabolites, can stay for about 24 hours for a single use. In heavy users, it can be detected for up to 72 hours.

Conducting a blood test is another way that can be used to determine the amount of THC found in the blood. It is worth noting that THC won’t be in the blood for a long time since it is usually stored in the body fat. This test can only be effective in determining the amount of THC in the body if it is done within a particular period.

THC will only be found in the blood in less than 24 hours for a single use, 3 days for frequent use, and a week for regular use. Given the varying times and different tests, there are methods once can use to pass weed tests. However, that doesn’t mean that it will have been eliminated from your system.

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