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The Success of Hiring Jobs Based on Job Description

It is really difficult to start any given job or to hire someone to fit in a position if you don’t know what their job description is. Upon hiring, you may have been given a title for your position but when it comes to the job description, this might not have been clearly disclosed to you. One example is being hired for the position of admin assistant and yet you are also tasked to do some liaison jobs. Thus, a clear job description for each position in every company must be required and available for every company.

Making a job description is not a hard task to do. What you should do is to identify all the positions in your company through your organizational structure and from there, identify the tasks of each personnel as well as their heads.

The right person to make a job description is actually the person who is familiar with the work per se and that is the supervisor or head of the department.

For instance, you are to make a job description for a receptionist.

Therefore, the right person who can actually make the most applicable job description is the supervisor of a receptionist.

The reason for this is that the supervisor knows the flow of the tasks of these receptionists and they make sure that this won’t overlap the tasks of housekeeping, admin of the building or even the security team of the company.

The importance of having a concrete job description is to help you and your employer create a clear message on the tasks that both of you are working on. This can actually avoid any miscommunication when it comes to task assignment since you already have a clear picture of your assigned work. This way, there will be no overlapping of tasks within your team. This will also avoid issues like overworked or being irresponsible if they missed to do the job expected from them.

Again, you cannot just rely on the title of the position to know what you should be doing or not. A job description will be your ultimate guide to hiring a person that is suited for the position. You can even use the job description as your basis for performance assessment. You cannot just assess the person’s performance without even having criteria to use that will actually come from the job description. This is a really serious issue because your subordinates deserve to be appreciated on the success they have achieved. Complimenting them will boost their confidence and encourage them to do more. But again, this will always boil down to one important factor, their job description that they have with them from the start of their goals.

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