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How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Articles

There are those days when you feel lazy, and you do not want to keen on whatever you are doing especially when you are a writer. In such times, you are likely to borrow other people’s ideas and include them in your article without citing or referencing them. This leads to plagiarism of your article. It is an offense with dire consequences which might include revocation of a permit, expulsion from an institution or reduction of points in an exam. You must be keen to avoid it as much as possible because its consequences are detrimental. However, it can be easily avoided and presently, you can find several guidelines and tools on the internet to help you write a plagiarism free article. By following the ideas below, you can avoid plagiarism and write original contents.

Plan your writing – The essence of planned writing is to avoid the hastes that one does when the deadline is fast approaching because these rushes can lead to mistakes and plagiarism. You have time to do an in-depth research and revise your article over and over. You can also have a peer review where a friend or a colleague can step in to help you revise and edit the writing accordingly. People see facts from different perspectives, and thus, a friend would help you greatly in this process.

Copyscape – Copyscape is one of the several tools that are available online for detecting plagiarism in articles. If you have business to do online, then you will appreciate the essence of this tool. It is simple to use, and all you need to do is to copy and paste your article into it, and it will show you all the sections are similar to other articles already online. When you paste your article into it, it can show all the parts that have words to other articles already on the internet. Once you know the plagiarized sections, you can edit them to come up with unique statements.

Citation and referencing – It is a common practice to ideas from books and articles written by other authors, but you must ensure that you credit the authors for their works. This does not exclude a scenario when you are getting ideas from your previous articles. Citations and references must be done in the right formats. However, you must ensure that you use the right formats for every style that you use such as APA, MLA, and Chicago.

Get facts – Facts will always remain as they are and thus, no need to cite them. Including a fact in your article requires no citation except when you use exact words from another article. Your observations, thoughts and personal opinions should not be cited as long as you have not used them in another article. If you do an experiment and come up with results, then you do not have to cite that.